LifeAintNoPicnic is a small diy collective based in Gradec/Graz, at the current status quo part of a nation state called Austria. Mainly we set up diy shows in our area and are rooted in the punk scene. Our aim is to keep independent and non-commercial music and other cultural goods alive and going. This means to us that nobody who is in involved is earning any money, but also nobody should loose money and everyone should be able to cover her or his expenses. We are aware that this doesn’t mean that we are able to act independently of the system and the social structures we live in and wish to get over, but we see diy culture and non-discriminating attitude as an essential requirement for any emancipatory movement and as an opportunity to leave room for creativity and  new ideas apart from business interests. In doing so, we do not only set up shows, but are also involved and support other non-commercial projects, spaces and groups in our area.

Fight against discriminating structures everywhere and at anytime and keep your fucking business out of punk!

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